The other lesser known morphs

Genetic Patternless (witblitz and Silverback) - Recessive trait absence of a pattern on the back.

Dalmatia - recessive trait - specks or black spots all over body or an otherwise normal colored dragon.

Axanthic - Recessive trait - Black and White spotted dragon with the absence of yellow and red pigments

Piebald - unknown genetic makeup - Large colorless (white) splotches on a normally colored animal. this is a random mutation according to the producers of piebald dragons.

Paradox - unknown genetic makeup - The description from the originator is a random color pattern when working with both hypo and trans genes together, not sure it is a morph at all or more of a fluke.

Dunner - Co dominant - The scales on a dunner dragon go in multiple different directions and many are conical instead of directional. they have been described as feeling like a cats tongue.

more to come