The Many Colors of Bearded Dragons

Below is a listing and pics if I have them, of the available colors of bearded dragons on the market today.


there are a TON of different red lines, some are more fire engine red where others are more brick red. If you like the color red, there's a dragon out there for you.

Oranges / also in the fire and citrus category

Oranges are exactly that, some have the color of a tangerine, where others can be a more rusty burnt orange color.

Yellows / also in the fire and citrus category

Good yellows are VERY hard to produce. the yellow coloring seems to be recessive to the red color gene. Breeders have worked a long time to breed out the red from the top yellows dragons, resulting in dragons that seem to glow like the sun.

White/snow/ice/mark. leucistic

Through many generations, these dragons were bred to have little to no color showing at adulthood, they are not leucistic, just lacking a large amount of colored pigment, giving them a pale white look.


Purple dragons came along with the trans line, I believe the color is directly connected to the trans gene itself and not actually a color pattern, only time will tell as they tend to lose the purple coloring as they grow into adulthood.


Greens also came with the trans line, and I believe the same thing about these as I do about the purple coloring.


These animals display what are known as tiger bars, or side bars, normally black or blue barring is apparent on the sides of the dragon, these can be found on a variety of the colored dragons, most common on yellows, oranges, and reds.


This differs from the genetics patternless due to the fact that as babies many patternless coloring animals do have a pattern at hatch, where as the genetic patternless morph animals are patternless at hatch.


The stripe coloring may be a new morph but it is so new we do not have enough information on it yet for me to comment.