Flying Dragon Care sheets

Scientific Name: Draco volans

Flying Dragons are lizards native to the warm, humid, tropical forests of Indo-China, Sumatra, Java, and Kalimantan. They are arboreal lizards that use their unique body structure to glide distances of up to 100 feet.

Maximum size: 8-9”

Lighting: Full spectrum fluorescent UV bulbs and a basking light are required.

Temperature range: Day 82°-90°F Night 80°-85°F Should not exceed 93°F

Food: The Flying Dragon is generally an insectivore, feeding mostly on small ants and termites. The lizard is described as a sit and wait feeder, meaning it will generally sit waiting for the food to come to it. Crickets and mealworms are also good food sources for these dragons, all feeders should be dusted with calcium and vitamins.

Water: A shallow bowl of clean water should always be available. Daily misting the terrarium and the foliage is important to provide humidity and water droplets for drinking.

Housing/Habitat: An aquarium equipped with an under tank heating pad at one end, with jungle mix or orchid bark substrate. Landscape to provide a basking area, hiding places, and branches for climbing. It is important to mist the substrate to keep it slightly damp and provide some extra humidity.

Not much is known about these animals in captivity, if you have some info to add to this please send it to us!

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